Remote Server Administration

Employees of the HostingHutor are happy to provide server administration services based on the FreeBSD, Windows, Linux operating systems. Our specialists have extensive experience and vast knowledge to ensure the smooth operation of your server (s), security and performance. Remote server administration (it outsourcing) will allow you to fully concentrate on working on your projects or services, and we, guarantee the optimal operation of the server under our control. Server administration should be understood as:

One-time server administration

Performing one-time work on installing and configuring a server, a virtual dedicated server (vds, vps), installing FreeBSD / Linux OS, hosting control panels, mail, setting up virtualization, setting up a firewall, antivirus, auditing and checking security, setting up backups, troubleshooting hardware problems tools, etc., setting up services:

  • DNS: bind, powerdns, djbdns, tinydns, mydns
  • Web: apache, nginx, lighttpd, IIS (Windows)
  • FTP: vsftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, lukemftpd
  • Database Servers: mysql, postgresql, sqlite, Microsoft SQL (Windows)
  • SMTP: sendmail, exim, postfix, qmail
  • POP/IMAP: dovecot, courier, cyrus-imap, popa3d
  • Firewalls iptables, ipfw, pf, ipchains, wipfw
  • Hosting Control Panels: ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, Cpanel, HSphere, Plesk, RavenCore, InternetX.

Server support and maintenance

Server support, technical support and server maintenance by our specialists (monthly payment) - server setup and configuration (if necessary) by our employees for your tasks, performance optimization, consultations, software updates on the server, statistics and availability monitoring, backup configuration - we ready to offer the most optimal solution for the operation of your services and applications.