VPS / VDS server (virtual dedicated server) - VPS / VDS hosting

Virtual Dedicated Server / Virtual Private Server (VDS / VPS) the best choice for sites and projects that need more features than conventional shared hosting provides: installing their own standard and non-standard packages, extensions and services, root access, your own isolated environment. In addition, on the VPS / VDS server it is possible to host an unlimited number of sites of any complexity, install your favorite Linux distribution, and use the hosting control panel to your taste. At the same time, restrictions are imposed only on resources for each virtual VPS / VDS server (CPU, RAM, disk space resources), and the cost of renting a virtual dedicated server is much less than renting a separate physical server. As the project or attendance grows, you can easily increase resources on a virtual dedicated server.

Super Fast SSD NVMe Drives

New super discs SSD NVMe Gen3 x4

KVM Hardware Virtualization

Performance, scalability and security

Guaranteed Resources for VDS

Thanks to KVM + cool hardware

New VPS server control panel

Comfortable and functional panel

Free basic administration and support

Help, support and resolve all issues

Unlimited traffic, connection 1 Gbit/s

DC in Germany, excellent channels

VPS activation on Linux in minutes

CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuSe

Popular hosting control panels

ISPmanager, cPanel, DirectAdmin, VestaCP

Where is VPS / VDS hosting physically located?

The nodes of the VPS / VDS servers are located in the Hetzner DC (Europe, Germany), where favorable conditions have been created for the smooth operation of the servers - power backup, climate control, fire extinguishing systems and security. In addition, the Data Center boasts excellent channels, peer-to-peer and traffic exchange nodes (points of presence). Thus, the total bandwidth of DC communication channels in Germany is 7.26 Tbit and is constantly growing: connecting to traffic exchange points DE-CIX, AMS-IX, Data-IX / Global-IX, NL-IX, LINX and others with a speed of more than 100 GBit/s, as well as private peering with partners - Google, OVH, Facebook, Amazon, Vodafone, Leaseweb, Cloudflare, RETN, British Telecom, Microsoft, Yandex, Dropbox and others.

Excellent communication channels, protection against DDoS attacks at the Data Center level - all this guarantees the site or service the shortest response time from Ukraine and Europe. Neither DC in Ukraine can not boast of such channels, peering and working conditions - believe us, once we placed the server (own hardware) for VPS / VDS in Ukraine - in Kiev and Odessa. Data Centers in Europe and Ukraine are heaven and earth.

What is VPS / VDS hosting?

VPS / VDS - it is a virtual dedicated server rental service. A virtual server, in turn, is part of the resources of a physical dedicated server (RAM, CPU, HDD). In this case, buying a VPS / VDS hosting, you get almost the same functionality, as well as on a dedicated server - root-access, the ability to install your favorite distro CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuSe, Scientific, the ability to install any programs, packages and libraries, as well as finer tuning of services.

How is it right - VPS or VDS?

VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server and VPS - Virtual Private Server - between these terms there is no difference, all refer to the same services - virtual server rental. It so happened historically that hosting providers used different terms for their services, and some even used the term VDS for software virtualization, and VPS for hardware virtualization, but VPS = VDS = virtual dedicated server.

What is the difference between VPS / VDS from the usual shared hosting?

VPS / VDS servers have a number of advantages compared to usual shared hosting:

  • There are no restrictions on the number of sites, databases, mail and FTP accounts as on shared hosting. You can install your hosting control panel and create individual users with your own parameters;
  • Own isolated environment;
  • Thanks to KVM hardware virtualization, a virtual dedicated server always receives guaranteed resources (CPU, RAM, HDD);
  • Root access as on a physical dedicated server. SSH and VNC access to the virtual server;
  • The ability to fine-tune sites and services, install the necessary components in accordance with the requirements of the software, the ability to install your own software (Docker, Gitlab, LAMP, LEMP) of your favorite hosting control panel - cPanel, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, Plesk, VestaCP, Webuzo or in general Installing your Linux distribution from an ISO image;
  • Dedicated IP address (IPv4) for each VPS; IPv6 support;
  • The ability to add the necessary resources (switching to the tariff plan above) at any time.

Types of virtualization VPS / VDS - OpenVZ, KVM, Xen

Virtualization is usually divided into software and hardware. When we launched our first line of VPS servers, it was virtualization at the OpenVZ operating system level that was the most popular - it was simple to implement, easy to manage and administer, it had small overhead for virtualization, in addition, convenient server control panels were available and, most the main thing is that OpenVZ was more stable, it had fewer bugs than, for example, in KVM and Xen. But over time, the market almost completely killed OpenVZ due to the fact that everyone around said that OpenVZ = overselling, although OpenVZ virtualization has a lot of advantages and this type of virtualization and system is still popular among admins. KVM and Xen are today's most popular hardware virtualization systems. For VPS / VDS hosting SSD-A * we use KVM virtualization, which provides guaranteed resources for each VPS / VDS server.

What OS are available on VPS / VDS hosting?

To install and activate the VPS / VDS server, ready-made images of Linux OS of various versions are available: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSuSe, Scientific. A full list of operating systems and their versions is available when placing an order for VPS / VDS hosting. The list of available OSs is periodically updated after the release of stable releases or, conversely, due to the end of the life of the OS version:

  • CentOS: CentOS-6.10-x86_64, CentOS-7.7-x86_64, CentOS-8-x86_64
  • Debian: Debian-7.8-x86_64, Debian-8.7-x86_64, Debian-9.4-x86_64, Debian-10-x86_64
  • Ubuntu: Ubuntu-16.04-x86_64, Ubuntu-18.04-x86_64, Ubuntu-20.04-x86_64
  • Fedora-27-x86_64, openSUSE-15.1-86_64, Scientific-7.4-x86_64

If the list does not contain the required version of of the distribution - please let us know, we have a lot of ready-made images. In addition, on VPS / VDS, you can install your Linux OS from an ISO image.

VPS / VDS server control panel

In addition to access via SSH and VNC, a convenient and functional control panel is available to control the VPS / VDS server, with its help you can:

  • Stop / restart / start your VPS server;
  • View traffic statistics and system statistics on resources;
  • Change Hostname and manage IP addresses;
  • Add SSH keys;
  • Install hosting control panel: cPanel, VestaCP, Webuzo;
  • Run rescue mode;
  • Manage a server with an intuitive HTML5 VNC-client;
  • Add your Linux ISO image, mount it on a CD-ROM, and install the necessary distribution.

In addition, the panel supports two-factor authentication - with a one-time password for a contact email or with the Google Authenticator application for Android and iOS.

Installing the operating system on a VPS from your ISO image

In the control panel of the VPS / VDS server, you can add the ISO-image of your Linux operating system, mount it in a virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive and start the installation of the system on your VPS / VDS server using the VNC console.

Free basic administration of VPS / VDS servers

For our clients on VPS / VDS hosting we offer basic administration for free. Basic administration includes - installing and configuring the OS, hosting control panels according to the requirements and wishes of the client, installing and configuring the necessary libraries and modules, free transfer of sites from another hosting provider, setting up backups, checking for viruses, and consulting and support - We will always help with practical advice or recommendation. Paid administration, as a rule, is applied to tasks for the solution of which it is necessary to spend a long time for administrators, and the cost and terms of such work will be agreed in advance. As a rule, even for those users who are moving from a shared hosting, a control panel + free basic administration is enough.

Test period for VPS / VDS hosting

After ordering and paying for a VPS / VDS server, the user has 7 days for a full refund (moneyback). You can test the virtual dedicated server within a week and if something doesn’t suit you or you don’t like it, then you can request a refund - we will return everything to the penny (only for software licenses and control panels the funds are not returned). In addition, we have a refund of unspent funds during the entire period of the service.

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