Support schedule

Using high-quality and productive equipment for virtual hosting, virtual dedicated servers in Ukraine and VPS in Europe and platforms (Data Centers), we also pay special attention to the technical support of our users. We try to help users with all problems, even if they relate not only to the work of the hosting, but also to the work of various CMS, scripts, etc., we can always help with practical advice, as our employees have extensive experience in server administration and shared hosting client support.

Users support

Based on the security policy and just common sense, we provide support by phone and, mainly, through your personal account around the clock, while a number of points and rules must be taken into account.

By phone you can get any advice on the work of services, solutions to problems with the site (services), but all questions and requests regarding changes to the account or account files are made only upon request from your personal account (accesses to the account are sent to a contact email after paying the bill and opening a billing account) or from the contact email that you indicated when registering in our service to the address of the technical department of the (support [ @ ] or sales team (sales[ @ ] Therefore, in some cases, with telephone support, employees will ask you to create a new "ticket", that is, a new request in your account. The benefits of the Support Center are obvious:

  • You can always be sure that the issue has reached us and is being processed by our employees - after you send a request from your personal account or a letter from your contact email, you will receive a confirmation of message delivery.
  • Several employees can work on the issue, which speeds up the resolution of the problem.
  • For security purposes, only a request from your personal account or from a contact email can identify you as our client.
  • The solution to the question will always remain with you in "closed tickets", you can always see the history of correspondence and the solution of the question.
  • Our blog and knowledge base have a lot of articles and detailed descriptions on working with hosting with screenshots, which will be more visual than explanations by phone.

Request Processing Time

We’ll note a few recommendations on requests so that the processing time is minimal:

  • When contacting by phone, it is advisable to immediately indicate your username on the server (shared hosting) or server number (virtual dedicated server, vps in Europe) or personal account ID.
  • If you have a virtual / dedicated server or HyperVPS, then when requesting from your personal account, the message must specify root access to the server so that our employees can log into your server, analyze and solve the problem on the server.
  • The basic administration on virtual dedicated servers in Ukraine and VPS in Europe includes setting up and consulting on software that is included in the OS distribution. Configuring client scripts, software, setting up commercial control panels is not included in the free administration package.