FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common category questions. If you have any questions, you can contact the sales team or technical support.
I Order and payment for services
1. How quickly do you activate the service / account after paying the bill? ↓
2. I paid the domain registration. How long will the registration procedure take place? ↓
3. What data should I get after paying for the order? ↓
II Domains
1. I changed the ns server for the domain / I ordered a new domain when it will be available? ↓
III Shared hosting: control panel
1. What is URL to login to Control Panel? ↓
2. I lost my password from the virtual hosting control panel. What should I do? / How to restore the password in the virtual hosting control panel? ↓
3. How can I add and / or configure a new domain? ↓
IV Shared hosting: FTP
1. Where to get data for FTP connection? ↓
2. What is active and passive mode ftp connection? ↓
V Shared hosting: databases
1. What databases are supported on a shared hosting? ↓
2. How to create a database? ↓
3. How to access phpMyAdmin (PgAdmin)? ↓
4. Can I connect to mysql databases remotely? ↓
VI Shared hosting: mail
1. How do I login to Webmail? ↓
2. What are the smtp and pop3 settings for mail? ↓